Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes

Long time no see, fellow bloggers. It's pretty sad when it takes a few tries to crack the password to your own blog. Anywho, I'm back for a little bit and then I fully intend to disappear again for a few weeks. It's a little thing I like to call CANCUN. YAY! I'm super excited about it!

Moving on to Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes......

It looks like a perfectly happy and healthy little cupcake there.......ohhhhh, but it is not. It's an English Tea Muffin in disguise. It is my humble opinion that a cupcake is supposed to be a piece of birthday cake for a girl on the go. If I had a birthday cake that tasted like this I would be severely disappointed and may indeed question my relationship with the person who made it; however, I quickly realized that this "cupcake" tasted exactly like the Cotswold muffins my mother always made when I was growing up. So, as long as thought of it as a tea muffin it was DIVINE and gave me happy food memories. I did substitute milk chocolate for bittersweet chocolate. Primarily because I live out in the sticks and I don't quite have the baking choices you city folk type have. That makes me laugh because I am a total city transplant.

I hereby dedicate this blog entry to my absolute favorite chocolate cupcake, Senator Barack Obama.