Monday, November 3, 2008


Rugelach is rugelicious. This was pretty easy to make, although it did involve some waiting which always irritates me. I prefer to just make everything at once, throw it in the oven and EAT. But that's not the way it sometimes goes. And I'm quickly discovering that any time you work with dough you have to wait and wait and wait. I was unsure as to what currants were, so after a quick Google search (I google everything), I discovered I could use dates or raisins as a substitute. I was super excited about using dates -- I love dates. But, alas, it was not to be - no dates at the store. Pooh. So I decided to use Craisins. Yay for Craisins! My favorite part of making this was heating the raspberry jam until liquefied, mainly because I spoon fed myself all the extra liquid jam. I think I may heat up jam in the future and pour over biscuits. It was de-lish.
I have discovered 2 things since joining TWD. The first being that if you start cooking out of the blue your husband will go on a diet because he is afraid you are suddenly trying to poison the food supply to off him for the insurance money. Mine is now 70 pounds lighter than when I started this, and has YET to touch anything that I've made that has been the subject of this blog. The second and greater thing is - PARCHMENT PAPER. Is this not one of the greatest substances on earth??? Why did I spend the first 30 years of my life scrubbing metal cookie sheets? Some jam spooged out of several Rugelach and I could have cared less because of the miracle of parchment paper. I'd like to shake the hand of the WOMAN (has to be, right?) that invented this fine substance.

This has been a very busy week for me. Halloween was on Friday, so we had to play dress up - my man was Pimptastic and I was a disco diva:

Also, my brother who graduated law school in May found out on Friday (yes, Halloween) that he passed the Georgia Bar Exam! I am so extremely proud of him!!!! I made him a congratulatory plain cheesecake (his favorite) and we had that on Friday night:

I then co-hosted a bridal shower at the home of Amanda of Beckett Bakes It. And I have to say I was super jealous of her party dessert display of cheesecake pops and petit fours:

Oh yes, note the subconscious brainwashing occurring behind the dessert display. That's how she sucks people into this cult. Highly effective - but I tell you, that girl is the DEVIL.